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Craft Fairs and question for the crafters on here :)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:18 pm
by futuremrswheels
I'm at that age where everyone I know is having a baby. I like to get a few things off the registry, but I also like to include handmade gifts like burp cloths, taggie blankets, owl hats, bows/hair bands, etc off of Etsy. I've started scouring the internet for local craft fairs and found this link:

But wasn't sure if there were any other resources out there that you guys use- since the holidays are coming up.

Another question- is there anyone on here who makes baby stuff (such as burp cloths, hair bows/bands, taggie blankets, etc) and sells it? If so, send me a PM- especially if you have an Etsy!