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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby LizAnn » Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:38 am

Thanks for all the tips! Does anyone have a list of pictures they gave their photographer they wouldn't mind sharing? It seems that is the most common "wish I had".
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby mickylvr1 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:34 am

Glad we:
- saw each other first, it really helped calm my nerves
- got a hotel room for me and 2 of my girls for the night before, it was nice to be at the same hotel as some of our OOT guests
- didn't tell anyone where we were staying, no one disturbed us or our room
- took a lot of pictures before the ceremony, that gave us time to get more outdoor shots afterwards
- took time to actually sit down and eat, I was starving by the time dinner came
- had everyone getting ready in one place, this way everyone was on time
- had RD catered into Fellowship hall at the church, it was so nice to just have to walk down the hall to eat
- made all our own decorations, everyone raved about them, and it made me feel good knowing I made them
- found someone local to make our invites, Etsy was way too expensive
- got things done early so we weren't super stressed the last week

Wish we would have:
- remembered what was on our picture wish list so we would have gotten the shots we wanted
- had a videographer for the entire day, there are so many things I wish we had on video, but only got the ceremony
- made it a point to visit every table, I felt like I didn't get to hardly talk to anyone
- followed up with our photographer the week of, he was 2 hours late
- specified to have 2 cameras going instead of 1 camera and an asst.
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby wedding11 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:37 pm

I love all the information! It is so helpful to do the research now from people that have already gone through the process. Even though we are getting married next October, I've found out you have to start planning EARLY to get what you want! My fiance thought I was nuts, but as we started looking at places, he saw how quickly things were booked. We already booked our church and reception site, but we are stuck on the photographer now. It is SO hard!!! This is SO important to us and it's been the hardest decision yet. We've interviewed about six photographers so far and we have it narrowed down, but we just find it hard to make the final decision! If you have any recommendations for us (or even bad experiences) I would REALLY appreciate the input!! We just want honesty from people that have already been through the process. Thank you!!! :)
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby meghen » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:06 pm

thanks so much everybody! these are things i was on the fence about, so you're helping me make up my mind w/ each post.
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby mamafoodog » Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:23 pm

Well, we've been happily married for over a year now, so I finally feel qualified to post on this thread :)

I'm glad:
1. I splurged on airbrush makeup for me, my matron of honor/sister, one of my bridesmaids, and my mom (the rest of my bridal party was too nervous to try something so unorthodox, but for us, worth every penny).
2. We did a "first look." The single most romantic moment of the day--our photographers were total ninjas, so it really felt like just the two of us, and the pictures turned out amazing.
3. We went with a buffet so we could have the mashed potato station, which was apparently the highlight of the night for a lot of our friends and family.
4. We went with top shelf liquor and upgraded the wine selections. I wanted my guests to enjoy something I'd be proud enough to serve in my home.
5. We had a massive dessert buffet and gourmet coffee bar. Happy bellies filled with food, sugar, caffeine, and booze=a pretty good party.
6. My husband and I found each other every twenty minutes or so to really reconnect and enjoy the night together.
7. We went with a Friday evening wedding. It happened out of necessity--I wanted a fall wedding at this particular venue, and all the Saturdays were booked, so we ended up going with a Friday. Saved a few thousand dollars in the long run, so totally worth it.
8. We did all our pictures beforehand so we could visit with our guests as much as possible.
9. We had the ceremony and reception at the same place. No down time, no traveling. It was perfect, for us and our guests.
10. I drank champagne all night and miraculously did not have to pee.

I have one regret: I really feel like I didn't spend enough time with my guests. We didn't do a formal receiving line, and I know some of my in-laws (who I had never met and should have hunted down so I could finally introduce myself in person) talked about me behind my back. It's a fine line to walk--enjoying the biggest party of your life and being a good hostess. I think I erred on the side of having THE MOST FUN EVER.

Hope this helps. Happy planning, everyone!
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby kdb554 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:10 pm

This post was so incredibly helpful during my planning process so I am happy to contribute to it. Hopefully, it will help other brides out.

Glad I:
1. Booked a videographer! I went back and forth on this. My parents weren't willing to pay for this additional last minute expense. We worked it out and paid for it ourselves. I have only seen bits and pieces but it was worth every penny. When you are walking down the aisle towards your future doesn't get much better than that. Getting to relive that moment rocks. You don't get the feeling from just photographs.
2. Booked most things EARLY! I had almost everything booked WAY ahead of time that way I had the best picks from which to choose for my vendors. If you think it's too's NOT!
3. Rented a photo booth. Most of my guests had a blast with this. Surprisingly not a lot of people had seen this.
4. Did not hire a wedding planner. I didn't need it with the venue I booked. They had an amazing and organized on-site coordinator. There was a period of time during the planning that I thought I should have so I did some research and almost booked one. I'm glad I didn't.
5. Had an evening wedding with the cocktail hour and reception immediately following. I hate the gap in between when I'm a guest.
6. Had a first look and took photos with my wedding party beforehand. Some of the best photos from the day are during this. So much fun on the bus.
7. Enjoyed every minute of the planning process....with my mom right by my side. I may have wanted to strangle her a few times but overall we had a blast. It was fun to do lunch and then do some wedding planning or shopping!
8. Went to as many venues as I did before we picked. We looked at almost 20 places. It was fun to imagine your big day in each one of them.
9. Only did a few posed family shots. I do not need a photo of us with DH's 30 cousins!
10. Was able to make it to half of the cocktail hour!
11. Made a wagon for one of the RB's to go down it. Super cute and he wasn't walking yet...even though his momma said he should be months earlier!! :)
12. Looked at people looking at me walk down the aisle. Took it in.
13. We left for our honeymoon the Monday following and not the next day, Sunday. That gave us time to organize our stuff and pack without depriving us of sleep.
14. Used Etsy to make a custom clay cake topper. I love it even months after our wedding.
15. Made the last minute decision to have a cheese display at the cocktail hour. It would have been too long for people to not have something to eat.

Wish I
1. Had researched more makeup artists. I basically booked off a friend's recommendation. I wasn't happy with her. The one area I didn't fully research. I loved my makeup just didn't care for the makeup artist.
2. Visited with more of my guests. By the time I got to some of the tables people had already left.
3. Spent more time on the dance floor. I danced a lot but not enough! It's tough to get out there being the bride.
4. Wish I had a photo of just my immediate family without DH in it.
5. Wish I could have taken photos with my dogs. They are just too crazy and I couldn't take a chance they would step on my dress.
6. Gotten parasols for photos. I wanted to so bad but just kept talking myself out of buying them.
7. Hired my photographer for one more hour. I got LOTS of photos that I LOVE but I wish I had some more of me dancing and having fun at the reception.
8. Had one of my signature cocktails. I went to the work of getting signs made for it but never got around to having one.
9. Gone in the photobooth more.

Overall, my day was awesome. I loved it. Every second.
Kim & Dan 10.9.10


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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby LoveandMarriage » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:36 pm

These are some fantastic tips you posted, baseball bride! I never really thought about implementing a photo booth during the reception. It sure does sound like it would be a lot of fun. Expensive, yes. Lots of fun? Totally. I'm strongly considering it.

As for MY tips, they'll have to come at a later time. I'm still in the midst of PLANNING my wedding, so I'll let ya'll know what TO do and what NOT to do soon enough. :)
Buying bridesmaid gifts is tough! O_O
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby madaheth » Thu May 26, 2011 4:42 pm

Now that we survived the wedding, I do have a few tips that I either didn't think of in time or didn't realize would be so important!

1. Buy one of those little personal fans, possibly that can attach to a water bottle. I was absolutely roasting from waist down. Could have used this on bus when going to take pics for sure. I'm not the kind who would hike my dress up over my knees...but it was sure tempting!
2. Be sure that you and all your girls wear either a zip front or button front top that day, so once hair is finished it won't get torn up or smooshed removing clothes. We all remembered, thank goodness, but there was another bridal party at salon with 2 girls in round neck t's that had to be CUT OFF of them to get dressed. Ugh.
3. Be sure to designate who is bringing what for coolers, then assign a backup and check! We had no beer or wine on bus b/c person assigned just simply forgot! Not a huge deal, but it would have been nice.
4. Have ushers or someone else in ceremony site at least 45 minutes ahead...we had very early arrivers who sat in reserved section but it wasn't noticed until seating began and then it was awkward to try to move those people...
5. If your venue/church uses oil candles, be sure to practice lighting these at rehearsal as it IS different, especially if aisle and altar candles are involved and the person doesn't usually do it.
6. Be extremely organized throughout the entire process. I used a 16 slot accordian type binder labeled for each thing, and took copious notes, even asked vendors for copies of [i]their[i] notes so that there wouldn't be any misunderstandings. Came in handy on one occasion as there was 6 mos. between initial consultation and final one. Take as many photos of church as you can, download examples, draw diagrams or pics, etc whenever possible. Be nice, but firm!
7. Make sure that you incorporate little touches of you and groom in as many ways as are possible. My florist, caterer, photographer, and pastor all added things we suggested that made everything just that much more meaningful and memorable for us, even if not many other people were aware of them.
8. Know your own limitations and be willing to scrap plans or change them. It isn't worth a nervous breakdown or argument. The important thing is that you are married!
9. Ask a friend or two to take lots of candid photos with a really good camera...even some of same poses as photog. A second or two can give it a whole different look!
10. Eat a good breakfast that day, even if you have a late afternoon or evening ceremony. Although I am not usually a breakfast person, I was so glad I'd had eggs, etc. to get me going!
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby JoanneRoberts » Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:16 am

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and thoughts about weddings! This really gave me much ides on what should I do and what should not. Looking forward for more replies here! I will keep track with this conversation. Thanks!!:)
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Re: Tips for future brides...

Postby MelJim05 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:44 am

Make sure that they enjoy there day and it goes by real fast so enjoy.

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