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PM's and vendors

Postby admin » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:06 am

We have a lot of new members on board, and I realized I should probably post a reminder about the rules for vendors on this forum. We want this to be an open community full of unbiased helpful advice... no sales pitches allowed. To help ensure that the sales pitches stay away, vendors do not have access to PM's. They can read a PM you send them, but they can't reply back. Why? We don't want to tempt them to spam anyone with a sales pitch. If you want to contact a vendor about their services, please find their contact info on their website and contact the vendor directly - outside of this forum. Note you can look up their contact info on the main stlwed site which has a directory of vendors with phone numbers and email addresses.

Likewise if I hear that any vendor/brides (vendors who also happen to use this site as a bride while planning their own wedding) are selling services to other brides through the forum (including via PM's) they could loose posting privileges as a bride - because vendors should not be conducting business transactions on this forum. It's the only way to keep the advice unbiased... if people start earning $ directly through the forum, then suddenly you'll have to carefully evaluate the motives behind any advice you read, and that's no good.

Hope that makes sense. Please PM me if you have questions or concerns.

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