Vendor/Brides please read...

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Vendor/Brides please read...

Postby admin » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:06 pm


There have been so many Vendor/Bride rule violations recently I wanted to take a minute to make sure everyone understands the rules completely.

This forum is intended to be a helpful unbiased resource to brides. To help keep it unbiased any vendors who also happen to be planning their own wedding are welcome to post as brides, but the minute they mention their business they have violated the rules. Even if you're not posting specifically to promote your own business, if anyone reading the forum can tell from your post that you are in fact a vendor, then you loose credability as an unbiased player in this forum. To keep things fair and unbiased you must not make any references to your wedding related business.

Also even if you aren't making a direct reference to your business, posting in any thread related to your vendor field is still posting tainted/unbiased advice and therefore not allowed.

For example, if you happen to be a videographer, and someone posts looking for a videographer, or asking questions about videography in general. Even if you don't respond like "hire me, I'm available on your date" simply responding at all is interfering with the "fair play" system on this board.

For example even recommending the videographer you hired for your own wedding (while it might be a good faith recommendation) violates the rules. Why? Because if someone on the board happens to know you provide videography, they might not know your working relationship with the person you recommended. They might think you're getting a kickback from your friend for refferals or something else. The fact remains that because you work in the industry, you are no longer an unbiased resource, and are no longer qualified to post in such related threads as a bride.

Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not here to single any one person out, but I've had to give out so many warnings via PM I figured it was time to explain the rules publicly to make sure everyone reads and understands the rules. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a PM.

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