Where did the PM's go in the new forum?

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Where did the PM's go in the new forum?

Postby admin » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:32 am

Where do I go to read/write PM's? Like everything else that's personal data, pm's live in the user control panel (UCP). You'll find the link to the UCP at the top left of the page. Once inside the UCP click on the "Private messages" tab. It will open the Compose message page by default where you can just start typing away on your new pm.

One thing that seems to trip people up at this point is the list of recipients. In the old system you typed in the name of a user you wanted to send the PM to, and that was it. In the new forum, you're allowed to send the same PM to multiple people all at once. That means you have to create a list of recipients. When you type in the name of the person you want to send the PM to, you must click the Add button, or it will act as if you still haven't told it who you want to send the PM to. Once you finish your list of recipients, add a subject and message and click submit. Note: like posts, the new PM system also supports attachments.

When you submit your message, you'll see it moved to your "Outbox". The message will remain in your outbox, until the recipient reads it. While the message is in your outbox, you can open and edit the message. Once the recipient reads the message it will be moved from your "Outbox" to your "Sent messages" folder where you will no longer be able to edi the PM. The new PM system also you to create folders to organize your pms. You can even set up rules like "when Jane sends me a PM move the PM to my ____ folder". This is especially helpful because if messages stay in your inbox, and your inbox gets full, older messages could get deleted to make room for new ones, but moving important messages into other folders, ensures that when a new email comes to your inbox, it doesn't delete something important to make room for itself.

Another cool PM feature: when you read a post and click on the PM button below the poster's avatar, it will automatically quote the subject and body of the post in your PM. No more copying stuff from the post into your PM, to start the conversation, it's already there as a frame of reference - and it's easy to delete the quote if you decide you don't want it there.
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