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All about posting...

Postby admin » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:07 am

Replies/Quotes: The new forum has been enhanced to make it easier to post information. When you read a post and want to reply, there are post reply buttons on the left at the very top and bottom of the thread. Each individual post has a quote button next to it, you can click on any of those buttons to begin your new post.

Once you begin your reply, you'll notice that the most recent posts in that thread are displayed at the bottom of the page. This is so you can review what was already written (in case you forget while you're typing a long message) and you'll also notice there's a quote button next to each of the posts. Clicking the quote button lets you insert the quote fast and easy, no more copying and pasting require to quote multiple people in the same post. Simply click the quote button next to each one and presto - the quotes are ready for use in your reply!

Instant Reply Notifications: Also if you take a long time to write your reply and other people post a reply first, when you click preview or submit it will alert you of the new posts and give you a chance to re-edit your post before publishing it.

Attachments: The new post system will also let you attach files to your post. The maximum size of the attached file is 256KB. If you upload an image, it will give you the option to "place inline" (so you can position it in your post with text before or after or order multiple images in the way you wan) or leave the image at the bottom of the post (this happens by default). If you don't want to upload your images as attachments you don't have to, you can still upload your image to a photo sharing website, copy the URL from the other website, return to stlwed, paste the link, highlight the link, and then press the Img button to convert the URL to an inline image. The attachment option is a new feature, you can take it or leave it, but in the long run it will probably save you time. Also since you can upload attachments in the posts, you can share more then just images. You can share your excel spreadsheets, word documents, pdfs, power point presentations, etc. This should help facilitate communication on the forum.

Polls: The new voting system allows the poll creator to choose whether or not they want to let people change their vote. Why is this going to be so handy? Remember how much trouble we have keeping track of how many people are attending a GTG? Now we can post a poll: "Are you coming to the GTG or not?" and as the week of the GTG progresses, people could update their vote (RSVP) daily.
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